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Holidays in South Africa, what to see


- Holidays in South Africa, what to see

- What to see in South Africa in 10, 15 days

- Travel to South Africa, best time

- What to eat in South Africa

- Travel to South Africa, Covid

Holidays in South Africa: what to see and where to organize interesting excursions and visits? South Africa is an extraordinary country: probably one of the most interesting and evocative of the entire African continent. In this country there are unique places, capable of giving intense emotions and touching the strings of one's heart and making them vibrate intensely.

If you have decided to treat yourself to a dream vacation in our Farm, here are some important tips and indications on what this great country has to offer you.

What to see in South Africa in 10, 15 days

One of the most interesting and evocative destinations in South Africa from a landscape and naturalistic point of view is certainly the famous Kruger National Park. An excursion to one of the most beautiful parks in the country cannot be missed in a 10, 15-day vacation in South Africa. Kruger National Park, located at the eastern end of the country, is the largest park in all of South Africa. The park can boast the presence of a particularly rich fauna: probably for this reason the Kruger National Park has become the most famous and visited in the whole country.

If you intend to dedicate a day to visiting the park, our advice is to focus on a single area of ​​its immense surface. In this way you will be able to appreciate your excursion more, avoiding having to travel hundreds of kilometers to visit the whole park.

Not far from the Kruger National Park there is another incredible place that you can visit: the Blyde River Canion is certainly worth a visit if you are passing through that area of ​​the country.

Going further south near the coast is the beautiful Isimangaliso Wetland Park: it is a popular park for its beautiful beaches. If you decide to dedicate a day to visiting this park, the starting point of the excursion could be the small town of Saint Lucia. Inside the park you will certainly have the opportunity to spot the fantastic hippos immersed in the waters. Among the animals that can be easily seen there is also the beautiful leopard.

Even the territory of this park is definitely boundless and immense. To reach the northernmost areas it is in fact necessary to travel by car for several hours. Characteristic aspect of Isimangaliso Wetland Park is represented by the fact that during the reproductive period (which runs respectively from November to March) it is possible to live a truly unique experience, admiring the huge sea turtles that venture onto the beach to spawn. the eggs. This enchanting moment can be experienced in Cape Vidal and Sodwana Bay in particular.

And still continuing to travel east, you will be able to enter the Kwa-Zulu Natal Region. Also in this case, the most striking attraction of this area are its fabulous parks. The latter are perhaps less known than the aforementioned parks: however they have the particularity of being able to boast a great vastness and density of flora and fauna, which certainly has nothing to envy to the other best known parks in the country.

From our point of view, probably the most suggestive and interesting park is the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve. The park is known in the country for the presence of a large number of white rhinos. The latter are now a rarity on our planet and this park represents a sort of exclusive sanctuary of these beautiful animals. Those who work in this park are constantly committed to fighting poaching, to preserve survival and prevent the extinction of the white rhino.

In addition to the prized white rhino, it is obviously possible to come across one of the Big Five in the park. Particularly impressive is the spectacle offered at sunset by the hippos in the park. If you intend to visit this park, our advice is to travel it by car. Thanks to the presence of numerous hill roads, the landscapes that can be enjoyed in this park are particularly suggestive and fascinating.

Not far from this area there is a naturalistic paradise for all birdwatchers. The Mkuze Game Reserve offers you the opportunity to enjoy the view of many species of birds, directly from the huts installed and set up on lakes and waterholes: an experience that will leave you breathless!

Travel to South Africa, best time

The best time for a holiday trip to South Africa is certainly the months of March, April and May. In these months the mild climate is ideal for moving around and getting around.

It is also good to emphasize how in this period the rains begin to gradually decrease.

What to eat in South Africa

The cuisine and food and wine of South Africa is very wide and varied. The country's cuisine is in fact nicknamed Rainbow Cucine (rainbow cuisine) due to the different cultural influences that characterize it.

If you decide to treat yourself to a holiday in our Farm, the chef NoveNove will delight you with all the typical aromas and flavors of South African cuisine, to live this great African experience even more intensely.

Travel to South Africa, Covid

To travel to South Africa today, it is necessary to meet certain requirements in compliance with the current regulations on combating the Covid 19 pandemic. At arrivals at the country's airports, it is necessary to provide a hard copy of a negative PCR test, carried out no more than 72 hours before of the trip. This rule also applies to all passengers in transit in the country.

Passengers without a negative PCR test will be tested on arrival and subjected to a 10-day quarantine period at a government-designated facility. The costs of testing and quarantine will be borne by the traveler.


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