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Holidays in South Africa with children: the best destinations


- Holidays in South Africa with children: the best destinations - Traveling to South Africa with small children: important tips and advice - Safari for children in South Africa - South Africa: not only the Big Five and animals of the Savannah

If you are thinking of a holiday in South Africa with children, you are in the right place! In this article, we will provide you with the best tips and tricks to make the most of your long-haul travels with children in South Africa. In fact, there is a South Africa so to speak "easy", also suitable for the presence of the little ones. Never forget that for your adventures in the world with children, South Africa truly represents a unique and inimitable opportunity: just think of the wonderful nature that the country is able to express, not to mention its extraordinary and varied flora and fauna.

To understand even better the variety of South African fauna, it is important to underline how in the country it is possible to come across a huge number of animal species: from lions to penguins!

Here is everything you need to know for a fabulous trip to South Africa with your children!

Traveling to South Africa with small children: important tips and advice

South Africa probably represents the country that is best able to express the perfect combination of adventure, safety and accessibility: for this reason, experiencing an adventure in the country in the company of your children can represent a truly unique opportunity and an experience that will remain. Forever etched in your mind and in your best memories.

South Africa is in some ways the right mix between large reserves immersed in the Savannah and fantastic cliffs overlooking the ocean. Regardless of its great natural beauty, South Africa is the perfect country to welcome families, even the most numerous.

South Africa geographically represents the tip of the African continent, or the southernmost country in Africa, which overlooks the sea as a watershed between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Near the sea, it is possible to admire the dazzling beauty of striking cliffs that break vigorously. South Africa is also the presence of arid deserts, but also large prairies and fairy tale waterfalls. In this piece of black continent coexists one of the most varied animal and plant species on the planet, capable of offering unique experiences to visitors and obviously also to the little ones.

Safari for children in South Africa

On a vacation to South Africa, the biggest concern when traveling with children is the possibility of contracting malaria. For this reason, the anxiety of an African vacation is often represented by this type of worry. Given the above, we find ourselves having to decide and evaluate whether to do prophylaxis, also for the fear of not being able to have adequate health facilities in the country, in case of need and necessity.

This is the main reason that discourages many families from having to give up a South African holiday in the company of their children. To avoid this concern immediately, it should be noted that unlike other African countries, in South Africa the danger or risk of contracting malaria does not exist, with the exception of the territory relating to the Kruger Park and the Mapungubwe National Park. All the rest of South Africa is totally malaria free. To further reassure families who are preparing to travel to South Africa in the presence of children, it is also important to underline how the country is now able to offer excellent health facilities that are almost in line with Western reality.

For these reasons, you can leave these worries behind, preparing yourself to live one of the most enchanting and fascinating experiences of your life: this also applies to your children, who will be able to experience unprecedented emotions. In South Africa, it is in fact possible to admire free animals in their natural habitat: an experience very different from that which is possible to live in a classic city zoo.

In the country, it is now possible to organize numerous safaris in total safety and certainly suitable for the presence of children and adolescents. We remind you once again, as stated several times in our articles, that in South Africa it is possible to admire all the Big Five in their natural habitat: lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo and rhino.

A safari represents for the little ones a great educational experience, beyond the merely recreational and emotional aspects. In fact, on a safari you are confronted with the value of waiting and patience, which is very important and is not very inclined to children. Often and willingly, during a safari in South Africa, to come across one of the Big Five it takes a good dose of patience. During the safari, children will also be able to learn the importance of love and respect for animals, left completely free to live in their own habitat and without impositions or restrictions of any kind.

On a safari, the little ones can experience the experience of true explorers, staying in special reserves. Today there are safaris organized and designed to meet every taste and need. Children under 12 are not always accepted, although there are facilities specially designed for those traveling with children. To give practical examples, there are some lodges that offer special safaris also open to children from 5 years onwards: young travelers will therefore be able to discover many curiosities about animals and learn to recognize footprints.

South Africa: not only the Big Five and animals of the Savannah

Traveling with small children in South Africa means not only encountering the large animals of the Savannah. The country is in fact one of the few in the world where the Savannah meets the ocean: the latitudes therefore allow us to meet animals that we would see on a trip to the South Pole. One of these Antarctic animals is represented by penguins. Africans, one of the greatest discoveries of the great variety of fauna in South Africa.

One of the best places to see penguins is Boulders Beach, within Table Mountain National Park. More than 2000 penguins live on this beautiful beach, giving life to an incredible spectacle of nature. It is truly amazing to witness the penguin movement in large groups on the beach. Thanks to the special wooden walkways used for the walkway, it is possible to explore the whole area and reach Foxy Beach, another impressive place in which to admire these splendid animals.

The best time for an excursion, aimed at admiring the penguins, is respectively from January to August. After experiencing the impressive thrill of coming across the sight of penguins, your children can go on a whale watching excursion.

If you are preparing to organize a holiday in South Africa with your little ones, you will be able to admire these large cetaceans with a bit of luck, in the period from June to November. The best place for whale watching is undoubtedly Hermanus Bay, the perfect home for whale watching. To come across the cetacean encounter, it is often necessary to simply walk along the pedestrian path of the bay. A truly unique place to watch whales from land.


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