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South Africa holiday home for families? We present NoveNove Farm!


- South Africa holiday home for families? We present NoveNove Farm!

- NoveNove Farm: a one-of-a-kind vacation rental in South Africa

South Africa is an incredible country to visit at least once in a lifetime. If you are planning your holidays in South Africa with the family, you will certainly be looking for a comfortable, quality holiday home / accommodation that can offer you all the activities you expect to do in a country like this - first of all safaris and the discovery of all the animals that populate the South African Savannah.

NoneNove Farm is more than all this: an enchanting oasis managed by a single family that will guarantee you a stay of maximum comfort, relaxation and adventure, like being at home: that's right, our Farm is a real family, and we love to call ourselves the best friends and travel company with whom to experience the impressive South Africa experience.

NoveNove Farm: a one-of-a-kind vacation rental in South Africa

There is only one accommodation in South Africa like our Farm: we are not doing the usual advertising for a villa that is certainly luxurious and captivating, which however represents only one of the many tourist alternatives in the country ... we are really sure of what we are saying!

The tourist offer in the country is very varied: for those who want to experience the adventure and discover the beauty of nature and South African animal species - Big Five and more - in reality there are not many other alternatives to South African lodges: these structures, no matter how beautiful and luxurious, they will never be like a real traditional home, with all the comforts that characterize it.

Let's find out all the strengths of NoveNove Farm, which will convince you to choose our accommodation as a destination for your holidays in South Africa:

Philosophy of our Farm: NoveNove Farm is a place and a philosophy of vacation. Daily life is extremely hectic and for this reason, those who decide to book their holiday in our Farm will have to completely purge themselves of work and stress. This is why our team will take care of everything you need in your South African holiday: our facility is the perfect place to enjoy quality time with your family. You can find maximum relaxation, relax in our heated swimming pool, enjoy fantastic delicacies of South African and international cuisine, or even go hiking and take part in all the activities organized by our Farm. In short, once you arrive at the airport, you will no longer have to think about anything: we ourselves will pick you up on arrival and will take care of every detail of your transfer to the Farm.

NoveNove Farm, a space of absolute freedom: the feeling of large spaces and total freedom that you breathe at NoveNove Farm has no equal. Abandoning yourself to the vegetation of Africa is a unique emotion, with its enchanting sunsets, the exotic summer flavors of a ripe mango, or even the barefoot walks in the grass and that perception that everything is an adventure and a new discovery... Where else in the world can you come across zebras passing by to greet you in front of your house, or a chameleon looking at you with its independent eyes while you enjoy a lunch or dinner?

The perfect place for golf lovers: near our Farm there are 4 beautiful golf courses with 18 holes, where you can enjoy fantastic days of sport and relaxation in the company of family and friends

The great emotion of Glamping: on a holiday in our Farm you can live the unique experience of sleeping outdoors in the Savannah, eating in front of the fire, with a good glass of South African wine and abandoning yourself to the nocturnal noises of the Savannah: an emotion to live at least once in a lifetime.

Big Five Drive: those who come to South Africa do so also and above all to see the Big Five, the most important and representative South African animals. Our structure organizes excursions in the Savannah, to discover lions, leopards, elephants, and even buffaloes and rhinos.

Game Drive Farm: the less daring can experience this fantastic excursion in a totally open Land Rover, to the close discovery of giraffes, zebras, antelopes and many other animals that inhabit the Savannah.

Big Five Drive: with a little luck you will be able to see the mythical Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino) in a wonderful park near our Farm.

Fantastic walks on foot: In the territory that develops around the estate, it is possible to organize many walking itineraries, in the company of the very nice giraffes.

Clay pigeon shooting: with the use of professional hunting rifles, our team will make you live the thrill of the experience of a clay pigeon shooting session, on the plains of our estate.

Horseback riding: what could be more beautiful and more romantic than an excursion on horseback in the South African Savannah, surrounded by wild animals and breathtaking landscapes?

NoveNove Farm apéritifs: imagine yourself in the highest place on the Waterberg, a 360 ° view, kilometers of Savannah as far as the eye can see and a sunset as red as fire; add a cocktail, and you are at NoveNove Farm!

Pilates' sessions: rely on the experience and professionalism of our pilates teacher, available to our kind customers, for a healthy, relaxing awakening in the name of maximum well-being.

Massage sessions: a relaxing and invigorating massage is what it takes to prepare for a hike in the Savannah.

Travel by helicopter or private plane: we organize excursions by private plane or helicopter for you to see Africa from above or to reach the Farm directly from the airport.

Night sky watching: From our Farm - thanks to its position and the absence of pollution - it is possible to see up to magnitude 7.4; the limit of the human eye is normally magnitude 6. The skies above our Farm are magnificent: this is why we organize sky watching sessions in the company of a local astronomer.

Game drive by night: an excursion in the Savannah in search of nocturnal animals is a unique experience of its kind: it will be possible to come across Honey Badger, Aardvark, Bush baby, Porcupine, Leopard, Genet and many other animals that hide among the African darkness.

Ethnic shopping in South Africa: in the country closest to our Farm you can go shopping and buy incredible ethnic and traditional products, or simply sip a coffee sitting in one of the characteristic bars.

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