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Things to do in South Africa


- Things to do in South Africa

- South Africa, Kruger National Park

- Curiosities and traditions of South Africa

- Trip to South Africa, Covid-19

- Trip to South Africa, costs

There are many things to do in South Africa and places to visit: for this reason, in a holiday in South Africa it is necessary to plan your days precisely, in order to be able to make the most of the time you have available.

If you have decided to go to South Africa and spend your holidays in this extraordinary country, you are in the right place! In this article, we will provide you with some important tips and tricks for planning itineraries during your stay in South Africa!

South Africa, Kruger National Park

One of the most interesting and evocative destinations in the whole of South Africa, from a landscape and naturalistic point of view, is certainly the famous Kruger National Park.

The park is today the largest nature reserve in South Africa. The Kruger Park covers an area of ​​approximately 20,000 square kilometers. To understand the vastness of this territory, just think that its extension is roughly equivalent to the size of the State of Israel or Wales.

To the west and south of the Kruger Park are the two provinces of Mpumalanga and Limpopo. The park then borders on Zimbabwe to the north and Mozambique and Swaziland to the east. A very interesting fact is represented by the fact that the Kruger National Park has recently become part of the Great Limpopo transfrontier park, which connects it to the Gonarezhou National Park of Zimbabwe and the Limpopo National Park in Mozambique.

The South African park today belongs to the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere (Biosphere from Kruger to the Canyons): it is an area designated by UNESCO as an "international man and biosphere reserve".

Kruger Park is divided into 6 ecosystems respectively, hosting different types of vegetation. Overall, the park currently hosts about 1900 different plant species.

As for the fauna present in the park, on this territory it is possible to come across all the African Big Five (2,500 buffaloes, 1,000 leopards, 1,500 lions, 5,000 black and white rhinos) and 12,000 elephants. In the park there are also many mammals such as zebras, wild dogs, cheetahs, giraffes, and even kudu, hippos, impalas, as well as many species of antelope, warthogs, hyenas and wildebeests.

Lastly, in the park there are over 120 species of reptiles (including about 5000 crocodiles and many species of snakes, including the black mamba).

Curiosities and traditions of South Africa

One of the greatest traditions and curiosities of South Africa, not known to all, is represented by the fact that South African wines are today among the finest products in the world. For this reason, we absolutely suggest that you taste South African wines during your stay in the country: our advice is particularly aimed at wines produced in the Winelands area. The vines of this territory using almost exclusively French grapes; the only exception is the local Pinotage grape.

Another interesting curiosity for all daring sportsmen and adventurers is the fact that South Africa is known for practicing extreme sports. In the country, it is possible to perform the highest bungee jump in the world: we are talking about the 216 meters of the Bloukras Bridge. In the same area as where the bridge is located it is also possible to try the canopy tour: it is an incredible path suspended in the air, which will allow you to go from one tree to another, sliding along steel cables by means of a harness.

Another extremely daring activity that can be practiced in the country is the climbing of Table Mountain. On this territory, it is also possible to practice paragliding. For sports enthusiasts who do not intend to dare so much, it is possible to fall back on the more peaceful and relaxing mountain bike routes, or to indulge in golf on one of the many playgrounds in the country.

Lastly, in addition to South African wine excellence, gastronomic delicacies should not be overlooked. South African cuisine is comparable to the diversity of its population: a mixture of flavors and tastes that will win you over with its great personality, richness and diversity from region to region.

As for the traditions of the country, on your South African holiday you can easily come across some traditional festivals or alternatively more modern ones. If you decide to treat yourself to a holiday during the Christmas period, you can only toast to the new year, spending the New Year on the beach, during a warm summer night. In addition to religious holidays, there are many civil celebrations in the country. One of them is the famous Human Rights Day, held every year on March 21st. Another interesting event is the Youth Day, which is held on June 16.

Travel to South Africa, Covid-19

As reported by the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the South African borders are currently open to all international travelers. All tourists in possession of a negative Covid test (no later than 72 hours before the trip) of the PCR type are allowed to enter the country (regardless of the country of origin). The test must be carried out by a doctor or an authorized laboratory and signed by the person in charge. Travelers who will not be able to produce the appropriate certification will be subjected to a quarantine period at their own expense.

Travel to South Africa, costs

As for the costs of a trip to South Africa, they obviously vary depending on the structure booked and the time spent in the country. As for the costs related to the purchase of airline tickets, thanks to a significant increase in air routes, it is now possible to travel to reach the country at very affordable prices.

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